Canadian Healthy Vending Business

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Utilizing state of
the art technology

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More than a machine
The Max! Healthy Vending Center is more like an automated, healthy convenience store. Imagine owning a profitable chain of convenience stores that do not require overhead expenses for rent, utilities and building maintenance. Your stores can be open 24hrs a day and never requires employees. Your store will even call you whenever anything needs your attention. From the comfort of your own computer or laptop you can go online and check on the profits your store has generated at the end of each day and you can check which product have sold and what inventory you require for your next visit.

Modern Advances in Vending
Every vending machine utilizes gears and motors to dispense their product. The difference ends there between a regular vending machines and the MAX! Healthy Vending Center. When we designed the Max! Healthy Vending Center we embraced the latest technologies to make your life more profitable and easier. A key innovation is the Max Menu System which allows MAX! customers to choose exactly which products they would like to be offered in their machine - customizing their product selection and increasing daily machine sales.


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Interactie Video Display Monitor
  • Secure, cashless
    payment interface
  • Multi coin acceptor/
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Innovative display
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